Mode Project helps Laughlin add humor to Acuity campaign

Relatable situations
go from anxious
to happy in a
series of spots
that have earned
a million online views

(Chicago — 12 December 2018) A series of videos created by Chicago design and animation studio Mode Project uses humor to connect Acuity Insurance with its customers. The results are drawing smiles from audiences — and the client — with more than a million online views.

“Acuity Insurance was looking for a fresh way to share their message — that they understand the extraordinary circumstances people sometimes find themselves in,” said Lynne Fraser, Broadcast Producer for Laughlin Constable.

The Chicago and Milwaukee-based advertising agency tapped Mode Project as its creative partner for Acuity’s new digital campaign.

Mode Project’s smart, collaborative approach proved to be a perfect match for the challenge.

“From the start, Mode Project was really aligned with our needs,” Fraser continued. “They understood. So we knew we were going to be able to accomplish our goals with their help.”



Each of the five animation videos depicts a different but relatable situation that starts anxiously and ends happily with a call to an expert at Acuity Insurance.

A harried homeowner has a rough day with some marauding squirrels. A renter’s piñata party gets out of hand. An auto owner picks a disastrous parking spot. A candy store’s customer data files get scooped up by a not-so-sweet hacker. A bandit makes off with a contractor’s toolbox, then his lunch, and then his hat. Each story leads to Acuity’s promise: Our insurance speaks to you, because our focus is you.

“We worked as true creative partners for the series,” explains Mode Project creative director Brooks Ruyle. “With animation, video editing and post-production all under one roof, we were able to streamline the process. Our goal, as animators, was to bring these illustrated stories to life with rich detail, humor, action, and interest to each piece of the whole.”

The care is evident in each scene. The back-and-forth sharing of what ifs between the creative partners brought to life a presentation of the client’s message that is clearly drawn — consistent, yet bright and engaging.

“We love the videos and how they all came together. And from the client’s feedback, the return has been great,” Fraser said. The numbers are worth noting, as well. YouTube views for all the animation videos quickly passed the one-million mark.

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