Mix Kitchen mixing up the genres

Sam Fishkin’s audio post Mix Kitchen is having a growth spurt in agency spots delivered via new media, serving up a smorgasbord of interactive and mobile sound for major advertisers.

“Whatever changes there are in the media, my best equipment is always going to be my ears,” says Fishkin, who opened his own shop in 2006 in the heart of Streeterville’s media hub.

One of those new media projects is a weekly Coors’ NASCAR pre-race announcement that subscribers receive on their cell phones, through 1630 Productions of Evanston, specialists in mobile delivery.

Another non-traditional project was for Jim Beam Global: sound for commercials that screen on monitors at every bar in the new Yankee Stadium, in conjunction with post/animation Protokulture company.

Agency work is just one dish on Fishkin’s menu, which also comprises album production, voiceover recording, ADR, sound design, composing, and remote recording.

Fishkin says he was mixing albums before the paint was dry at Mix Kitchen’s 1,111-sq. ft. studio, which is fully configured for 5.1 surround sound, and has a live room ? “not a booth” ? where he records voiceovers and musicians.

Formerly chief engineer at Steve Ford Music from 1997-2004, Fishkin started his career producing live broadcasts of music groups touring through Northwestern University before racking up a host of freelance gigs for commercial music houses.

“I worked with almost all the Steve’s ? Samler, Sperry, Ford, Spapperi, Rashid, Mullen. It got confusing back then, trying to figure out which Steve left a message,” he jokes.

“I enjoy experimenting with and learning new formats, just like a chef trying new cuisines,” says Fishkin, who has 26 years of practice mixing for commercials, TV shows and music recordings.

“Because of my experience over the years I understand what is going to sound good over different types of delivery,” he says.