Midwest Indie Film Fest opens with sickening premiere

"Cold War" makes its Chicago premiere at the Midwest Independent Film Festival on Tuesday Feb. 6

“Cold War” makes its Chicago premiere at the Midwest Independent Film Festival on Tuesday Feb. 6

No, the new independent film, Cold War, won’t make you sick (unless you can’t catch your breath from laughing), but the actors in it sure are — as in catching the nasty “Raccoon Flu.”

The romantic comedy, which will make its Chicago premiere and open the 2018 season for Midwest Indie is coming off a win at the LA Laughter Festival in 2017.

And it comes to Chicago just in time with -8 degrees!

Directed by the team of J. Wilder Konschak and Stirling McLaughlin, the plot goes a little something like this – yuppie couple Maggie and Jon (played by Madeline Walker and Michael Blaiklock) couldn’t be more in love. The two have decided to take the next step in couple bliss by moving in with each other. But before they can even unpack, the couple is hit with the worst flu strain in decades.

With both severely under the weather, empathy and understanding don’t come easy for Maggie and Jon. As their wretched week drags on, temperatures rise and hostilities mount – until the couple descends into all-out war. Sledgehammers and fists fly, jobs and lunches are lost, and the flu proves to be the ultimate test of their relationship. And there are the flaming shits. Watch the trailer below:



According to the filmmakers, Cold War at its core is really about intimacy. “When you first move in with someone new, it can be stressful. You’re testing whether your relationship still works in close-up. And caring for someone who’s sick? That’s another test. And having someone care for you when you’re sick? That’s yet another. They’re all scary escalations of intimacy.”

Interim Executive Director Mike Kwielford is very excited to kick off the 14th season with this particular film, telling The Reel, “Cold War is a wonderful film and embodies the spirit of independent cinema in Chicago. Industry professionals who banded together and had the passion to not only get their film done, but to make a great comedy. We are proud to launch our 14th season with Cold War.”

The film will premiere after Midwest Indie’s Producers Panel discussion about the post process, educating filmmakers and producers not only on what steps they need to plan on/budget for in a proper post procedure, but how to enhance their story through post, what is involved with each of the different aspects, and what kind of things to expect.

The panel includes Company 3 Senior Colorist Tyler Roth (who also color-graded Cold War), Beast editor Dean Gonzalez, and Audio Engineer John Wong from Periscope Post & Audio. Veteran producer Colleen Griffen will moderate.

To start off the year in a sick, fun way you can purchase tickets and get more information by clicking here.

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