Michelob and Zoe Kravitz make big game debut

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“We were inspired to
create a pure moment
because an organic
beer like this is
worthy of
some goosebumps”

Liz Taylor CCO, FCB Chicago

Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold, the first national organic beer brand inspired by nature with only 85 calories and 2.5 carbs, is bringing a new kind of sensory experience to Super Bowl LIII.

Something that is the complete opposite of all the cheers and ughs, one is used to hearing while watching the big game. We’re talking new sounds like soft (are they careless?) whispers. Trees shuddering. Nails tapping.

Of course, beer pours. It’s still a beer spot at the end of the day.

FCB Chicago’s fourth Super Bowl contribution for the Annheuser-Busch brand is a :30-second spot starring actress Zoe Kravitz (Mad Max: Fury Road) who delivers the Pure Gold message using ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response).

“Working with Pure Gold is cool because I love the idea of bringing a different organic taste to the beer market,” said Zoe Kravitz. “We had great time in Hawaii shooting the commercial. It was such a beautiful setting, I felt very lucky to be there. I’m excited to share that experience with everyone.”

Titled, “The Pure Experience,” the spot induces tingling sensations as it encourages drinkers to reconnect with nature through the enjoyment of beer in its organic form. Watch below:

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“Amid the chaos of the big game, we were inspired to create a pure moment – a multi-sensorial experience for the more than 100 million people watching – because an organic beer like this is worthy of some goosebumps,” says Liz Taylor, Chief Creative Officer of FCB Chicago.

She adds, “This is our fourth consecutive Super Bowl as Michelob ULTRA’s lead creative partner and this work is just the start of another big year together setting new records for the brand’s celebration of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.”

“We launched Pure Gold less than a year ago and the reaction has been amazing. It was a no brainer to use the Super Bowl stage to make an even bigger introduction of this beer to the country – especially in such a disruptive way with a partner like Zoe Kravitz,” said Azania Andrews, VP of Michelob ULTRA.

Consumers lucky enough to attend Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta will also have the opportunity to enjoy an organic Pure Gold at the stadium. The brand will be available at Snackology 101, the only fully organic concessionaire in-stadium, to offer fans organic beers and bites so they can reconnect with nature during the big game. The Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold bar can be found on the concourse adjacent to Snackology 101.

Source: Michelob ULTRA

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