Method, Company 3, Beast now under one local roof

Melissa Thornley, newly named managing director

Two international posthouses have joined their established Chicago sister editorial company to form a powerhouse collective of talent and services, located in new 9,000-sq. ft. facilities in the Tribune Tower. 

Joining with Beast editorial are new-to-Chicago Method Studios, an award-wining international visual effects group with facilities in L.A., New York, Vancouver, London, Sydney and Melbourne, and Company 3, whose post services range from color grading to visual effects and finishing and has branches in L.A., New York, Atlanta and London.

All three companies are subsidiaries of Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, which acquired the companies within the past three years.  Co-locating a trio of related companies within one facility is a first for Deluxe.

“By co-locating, the businesses will offer more efficient end-to-end project management and a seamless workflow,” says Stefan Sonnenfeld, president of Deluxe Creative Services and founder of Company 3.

Melissa Thornley managing director of three companies

The new Chicago collective is being led by newly-appointed managing director Melissa Thornley, formerly Beast’s executive producer since 2009. 

She had spent 12 years at The Whitehouse, the last three years there as managing director of all four Whitehouse offices.

Angelo Valencia remains Beast senior creative director.  He had edited at The Whitehouse in Chicago, New York and L.A., and Film Core, L.A. which moved him to Chicago to open its Chicago branch, shortly before it was acquired by Deluxe.

Beast also has offices in New York, Detroit, Austin, L.A. and San Francisco.

Staff completion expected by September

Krystina Wilson, Method executive producerTwo Method staffers arrived July 2 and a third is expected in a few weeks.  Executive producer Krystina Shales Wilson, who has been with Method since 2008, came from a two-year stint at The Mill (rumored to be opening an effects studio here). 

Wilson previously spent many years in Atlanta. She and her husband, an Atlanta native, have already settled into a Near North apartment they leased during a May visit. “I love it here,” she says.

Method Compositor Ryan Urban from L.A. had signed in, finished a project here and was called back to L.A. for another job.  Creative director Gil Baron is scheduled to join the team in early August.

Company 3’s colorist and assistant colorist are due in August also and “the staff will be completed in September,” says Thornley.

“The talent is already here, plus we are bringing in amazing artists from other locations to provide a hub for inspiration, creativity and problem solving,” Thornley adds.

Co-location workflow capabilities expanded

The brand new state-of-the art facility on the 22nd floor of the historic Tribune Tower provides the three sister companies with amazing views and a beautiful outdoor terrace space.

Method Studios will house two suites for client-attended sessions, plus a hub of CG workstations for compositing, finishing, CG and design.

Company 3 post has a full-scale color bay and a second, fully calibrated, room with “virtual” capabilities that allow clients the freedom and flexibility to work with any Company 3 colorist in its other branches.

Beast offers six edit/finish rooms and the editorial talent of Beast’s already established Chicago roster.

“I can’t say enough good things about the talent and creativity in this town,” says Sonnenfeld. “Chicago’s creative community rivals those found on both the East and West Coasts and if our businesses should be anywhere its Chicago.

“I am excited to build our presence and team with the amazing resources this city has to offer.”