“In The Meantime” to showcase Chicago indie film voices

A photo for "In the Meantime"

A photo for “In the Meantime”

Emerging Chicago artists
take matters into
their own hands
by curating
their own shows and
producing their own content

(Chicago — 18 June 2018) Indie Producers Crystal Joy and Sam George have come together to collaborate on “In the Meantime,” a gallery show which explores coping in the forms of photographs, poetry, and video.

“Crystal and I wanted to push ourselves in a different creative venture than we’re used to. We appreciate stories about human beings going through distinct human experiences…so we explored that in regards to what it means to cope.”
      Samantha George, Producer/Artist

Chicago has long been considered one of the top twenty cities in America for indie artists to gain notoriety and support. As Chicago continues to cultivate its independent art scene, many emerging artists are taking matters into their own hands by curating their own shows and producing their own content.

“It’s a perfect way to introduce myself to the film & creative world. I’ve always wanted to have a more intimate show where I can speak with others, and hear their interpretations on my work and how it made them feel.”
      Crystal Joy, Actress/Writer

“In the Meantime” was inspired by a series of self-portraits that Sam had taken earlier last year. The photographs became a means of coming to terms with a difficult breakup, which sparked both empathy & appreciation with those who had seen them — one being Crystal Joy.

Encouraged by Crystal to collaborate on a show, both she and Sam curated the exhibition, which will showcase the short film The Woe Chronicles (written and starring Crystal Joy; directed by Sam George), as well the photographic essays (taken and written by Sam George).

“(Through writing “The Woe Chronicles”), I learned that all these experiences are normal, and it’s what makes me human and relatable — even if it’s through a character…We all have to go through them, and most of the time we are not alone with what we’ve gone through either.”
      Crystal Joy, Actress/Writer

The show opens June 23rd at Firecat Projects (2124 N. Damen), and is accessible from 7pm until 9pm.

The venue (which is not only dog-friendly but also will be providing alcohol and drinks at no cost) will be done in an open-house style, and free for the public.

The Woe Chronicles will also be premiering at the Chicago Filmmakers Short Film Showcase, July 21st at 7pm.

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