mcgarrybowen spot for Hidden Valley Ranch is a BFD

Barbecue gets a BFD

Barbecue gets a BFD

A new spot for Hidden Valley Ranch by the Chicago office of mcgarrybowen flirts with the prospect of a cussword before pulling a switcheroo kinda thing.

Family Shaker describes how food tastes awesome when it is sprinkled with the Original Ranch Seasoning Shaker, a handy new product that dispenses the classic flavor of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing in a dry spice-like form.

The 15-second commercial is part of the “Great News America” campaign, and it relies on a pop lingo acronym to get the point across.

Under most circumstances, pop lingo acronyms sound dumb when spoken by adults. Even in the parlance of youth, they enjoy fleeting coolness at best. The likes of “TMI,” “JK,” and “LOL” went from clever to annoying in a matter of weeks. Working this style of catchphrase into a commercial is a risky proposition.

The team at mcgarrbowen not only embraced the challenge, but they also did it while hinting at what Ralphie from A Christmas Story describes as, “the queen mother of dirty words.”

Check out the spot below to learn the real meaning of “BFD.”



The “Great News America” campaign follows a multi-platform media plan that launches first in the U.S. with broadcast, direct-response TV, shopper media apps, print, banners, and paid social.

According to Hidden Valley Marketing Director Brian Steinbach, the legendary flavor contained in the Seasoning Shaker deserves all the hype that mcgarrybowen gives it.

“We believe that the time is right to boldly share how people can bring the taste they love to more and more foods with our seasoning line,” he explains. “We are giving consumers a range of seasoning products that they will love just as much as they love our dressings and dips.”

Advertising Agency: mcgarrybowen
   U.S. Chief Creative Officer: Ned Crowley
   Chief Creative Officer, mcgarrybowen Chicago: Kurt Fries
   Creative Director, Art: Anne Pazen
   Creative Director, Copy: Scott Balows
   Head of Production: Steve Ross
   Head of Business Affairs: Joann Baker
   Content Producer: Carrie Lewis
   Production Business Manager: Jillian Wishniewski
   Chief Strategy Officer: Jennifer Zimmerman
   Executive Planning Director: Kate Walters
   Managing Director: Peter Geary
   Account Director: Pepper Kavaney
   Account Executive: Jack Malone

Production Company: m ss ng p eces
   Director: Patrick Sherman + David Ma
   Producer: Greg Jones
   Editor: Aaron Kiser

Post House: Cutters

Media Agency: OMD

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