mcgarrybowen scores with star-studded Brita spot

Anwar Jibawi as Anwar Jibawi's mom in "Home for the Holidays"

Anwar Jibawi as Anwar Jibawi’s mom in “Home for the Holidays”

Crafty footage and
sharp cuts help
Stephen Curry and
Anwar Jibawi
weave a message
into an absurd
and enjoyable
dinnertime sketch

mcgarrybowen Chicago has helped Brita score more than two million YouTube views (and counting) with an effective and hilarious extended commercial titled, Home for the Holidays.

Featuring NBA superstar Stephen Curry as himself and social media star Anwar Jibawi as every other character in the ensemble-style comedy, the three-minute spot offers worthy entertainment while selling Brita as an environmentally friendly alternative for bottled water.

With crafty footage by Greenpoint Pictues and sharp cuts from Optimus, the story weaves the message into an absurd and enjoyable dinnertime sketch that opens with a goofy sitcom intro.

Supporting the notion that, “holidays with the family can be crazy, but not as crazy as using bottled water,” Jibawi portrays every character in his own fictitious family. Along the way, he exaggerates the close-knit quirks that most Americans have come to know and love during those special times of the year.



Agency: mcgarrybowen Chicago
   Chief Creative Officer: Kurt Fries
   Director of Content Production: Steve Ross
   Creative Director, Copy: Kelly Jenkins
   Creative Director, Art: Allison Miller
   Associate Copywriter: Miles Johnson
   Associate Art Director: Marty Knuth
   Executive Producer: Eric Faber
   Senior Producer: Justin Lee
   Group Managing Director: Alaina Lovera
   Account Director: Genevieve Gray
   Group Planning Director: Anna Conroy
   Senior Planner: Lee Boshes

Production Company: Greenpoint Pictues
   Director: Micah Perta
   Executive Producer: Tatiana Rudzinski
   Executive Producer: Jordana Freydberg
   Producer: Willa Goldfeder
   DOP: Matthew Woolf

Post Production Company: Optimus
   Senior Producer: Joanna Woods
   Editor: Angelo Valencia
   Audio Mixer: Marina Killion

Finish Artist: Glen Noren

Colorist: Ron Sudul, Nice Shoes

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