Matt Wechsler, the low-cost, one-man crew

Matt Wechsler of Hourglass Films is the one-man crew for the restaurant and bar web series “Chicago Eats TV,” which has gone weekly.

“I’m a food lover myself and a Chicago native, so I was more than excited to be a part of this venture,” Wechsler says, having completed episodes profiling Redhots & Fries, Cans Bar & Canteen, and 90 Miles Cuban Caf?.

“The owners of the diners and bars are characters and the food is spectacular,” he says.

Wechsler runs camera (an HVX200 with a Letus 35mm adapter), lighting and sound while executive producer Jeff Maimon interviews the establishments’ owners, then spending a day to edit each 3-minute episode.

With his company barely a year old, Wechsler maintains his profit margin by carving out a niche in low-cost web and corporate video.

“The growing trend in promotional and corporate work is better, cheaper, faster,” Wechsler says. “The economy has taken its toll on the industry, but the work is still out there if you can find a way to scale down the production without losing much quality. My ability to wear many hats on set is what allows me to stay in business and work with low budget clients.”

At age 14, Wechsler started working as a PA on corporate shoots for his father David Wechsler’s RDR Productions, working his way up to producer and editor after graduating from Miami University in 2002.

Matt Wechlser launched Hourglass Films as a part-time venture in 2008. He left RDR to pursue Hourglass full-time in 2009. He turned a profit in his first year of full-time operations while purchasing $40,000 in equipment, including the HVX, prime lenses, a Kino Diva 400s set, and Schoeps CMC-6 and Lectrosonic 400 microphones.