At long last, the Senate passes the tax incentives bill sans the talk show inclusion

A collective sigh of relief echoed through the city Thursday afternoon when the Illinois Senate, finally, unanimously voted to put the 20% Film Tax Incentives back in action.

Now all that’s needed is a flourish of Gov. Blagojevich’s pen, hopefully by the time you read this, to officially launch the bill.

The bill sailed through to passage after a glum three month clog, caused by the potential inclusion of talk shows, like Jerry Springer and Oprah, in the incentive bill that was formulated to boost the state’s film production business.

Industry leaders are expressing elation over the return of the tax credit as an important armament in the escalating war of state film incentives.

“The timing was perfect,” said Chicago Film Office director Rich Moskal, who attending attending Location Expo in L.A. this week.

“It would’ve been awkward trying to sell Chicago and the state to the people here without the incentives,” he added.