Local 476 electsTom Glynn as union president

LOCAL 476’S ELECTION OF OFFICERS retained Mark Hogan as business agent of the 800-member union for a second term, and voted in three new officers, president Tom Glynn, who replaces Dick Oakes. Bradley Mattys, recording secretary, replacing Dennis de la Mata and Patrick McGee a new executive board member.

Hogan said more than 50% of the membership voted, returning 407 ballots out of 760 mailed in October to members eligible to vote. Ballots were counted Dec. 14.

The new officers will serve a three-year term. For Hogan, serving a second term as business manager, this election will mark his 30th year as a Local 476 officer. He joined the union 35 years ago when he was 19, the grandson, son and nephew of 476 members.

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