Leo B and Capri Sun help kids celebrate independence

"Hold My Pouch"

“Hold My Pouch”

The agency
and the brand
launch an
effort to help
kids explore
their independence

Leo Burnett and CapriSun are increasing the anti-bullying initiative that they introduced last October with a new campaign, Hold My Pouch.

Designed to encourage kids to explore and celebrate their independence, Hold My Pouch includes an impactful 15-second spot titled Together Table.

Set in a school cafeteria, Together Table features a student who defeats a gang of would-be bullies by creating unity. Along the way, she proves that you don’t have to be big to make a difference, much like the commercial itself.



Over the next few months, the brand will release a series of creative pieces
that celebrate kids’ can-do spirits and what happens when they take life into
their own hands.

Partners helping to spread the Hold My Pouch message include Starcom on media and ICF Next on public relations.

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