LA-based director/writer Ashley Avis joins Seed Media Arts

Ashley Avis

LA-based commercial and feature writer/director Ashley Avis brought a unique perspective to Seed Media Arts when she joined the company’s directorial roster this week.

“I love the fashion genre,” she says, “longer spots that are more like short films because you’re telling a story at the same time.”

With a portfolio that includes commercial work for Mercedes Benz, Red Bull and Foot Locker, it’s easy to say that Avis knows how to transform her passion into production. 

Last year, her film career took off with the release of Deserted, starring Mischa Barton. It will continue with this year’s Adolescence, starring Tommy Flanagan, Elisabeth Rohm, India Eisley and Jere Burns. A third project, 800, has received the green light and will be produced by Cary Granat.

Avis wrote or co-wrote all three. Her husband, Edward, produced or will produce each one.

With notable enthusiasm for “infusing a narrative sensibility and an arc wherever I can,” Avis says that her devotion to commercial work is just as strong as her inspiration for film.

“I did a Pfizer project in New York last year,” she remembers. “I care just as much about that Pfizer spot as I do about one of our movies.”

Although she hopes that Seed will help her realize an admirable dream — “if I could be working every day of the week,” she explains, “I would” — her reasons for signing on with executive producer Roy Skillicorn’s Chicago-based outfit go much deeper than volume.

“Roy is known for launching careers and he cares so much,” she explains. “He’s just a lovely person.”

She was introduced to Roy through the company that represents Seed — Heart, Brains & Nerve — which is operated by Roy’s son, Nathan. The circumstances that helped them connect and, ultimately, join forces underscore a major part of the Skillicorns’ approach.

“Our mutual family-orientated businesses became a great foundation for our relationship to build upon,” says Roy.