Jon Krusell, who brought “Stubbs the Zombie” to life, now producing content at Wideload Games

WHO HE IS: He became senior producer at Wide Load Games after spending two years as studio director at motion capture-focused Red Eye Studios.

At Red Eye, Krusell brought animated life to popular Xbox game “Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel without a Pulse” for Chicago-headquartered Wideload.

Other Red Eye work included Xbox titles “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude” for High Voltage Software, where his game design career began.

HOW HE VIEWS HIS JOB: “Planning, managing and communicating all around the world and working with technology to tell stories in a new way.”

PROS: “Working with really inspiring, smart people.”

CONS: “Callused thumbs from all the video game playing.”

KEY TO SUCCESS: “To really work hard and to infectiously communicate the passion of what I do!”

ON THE SIDE: When he isn’t volunteering as a set designer at Redmoon Theater, Krusell works on a conservation project with 12 friends.

Last summer, they converted the original diesel engine of an old school bus to run on peanut oil.

“We ran it on hair relaxer for a while,” he boasts. They drove the vehicle using alternative fuel while taking road trips to Reno and Detroit. “This summer we’ll focus on beautifying the bus.”

BACKSTORY: He tested games at High Voltage during his first year out of Columbia College where he earned a B. A. in film and video.

The next year, he worked there on a digital animated comic book based on sock puppetry which eventually spun off into a separate sister branch, “Sock Puppet Studio.”

He produced “Sock Puppet Studio” for one year before going to Red Eye.

BIG BREAKS: “Game testing brought greater access to experienced people.”

WORDS OF WISDOM: “Create a benchmark by getting a broad sampling of the competition. Seek critiques.”

HIS ULTIMATE GOAL: “To work on something that truly crosses media lines.”

A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION: Key note speakers like Electronic Arts’ EP/GM Kudo Tsunoda and Wideload’s founder and Bungie software ing?nue Alex Seropian who influenced him at GDC game developers conferences.

Wide Load Games is located at 560 W. Washington; phone 773/875-3315. See