Jimmy “The Hat” Haimann has “Big Bahls” to start shooting the indie comedy without full funding

Jimmy “The Hat” Haimann is trying to generate support for his “Big Bahls,” an independent comedy feature that will “push the envelope in every category possible.”

The film will begin principal photography in Chicago in August, although funds are still being sought to complete a budget estimated at around $500,000.

“Regardless of whether we have the full funds or not, we’re going for it in mid-August,” he boldly claims.

“We have some different options, and there are people looking to come in, but we’re definitely still looking for other investors to come in,” states Haimann, the executive producer, with a confidence in the project commensurate to its title.

The plot centers on Alex Bahls, a former childhood star now way down the celebrity ladder, as he tries to resurrect his career while coping with the antics of his dysfunctional family and friends.

“With this movie, there’s always going to be somebody in any family who watches it, who will be able to relate to one character or the other,” says Haimann.

Haimann’s experiences as a former “Jerry Springer” producer also influenced the film’s chaotic ensemble cast.

It features characters such as the paranoid Vietnam vet patriarch, three brothers who are climbing over each other to make it big in entertainment, and a blind Caucasian neighbor who wears a turban and may or may not be harbouring a terrorist called “Osama.”

Haimann is currently negotiating with veteran actor Eddie Mekka, of “Laverne and Shirley” fame, and Amanda Swisten (“American Pie: The Wedding”) to join a cast that he claims is “85% complete. We’re just working out the contract on those.”