Chi Comedy Fest opens with AARP doc on Jesus Trejo

The Trejo Family

The Trejo Family


“You know,
I’ve got two kids,
ages 70 and 71.”

Jesus Trejo


The 8th annual Chicago Comedy Film Festival, which takes place from November 9 to 11, is set to begin with a thought-provoking and surprisingly serious documentary.

AARP Studios and director Julie Getz’s Care to Laugh is set to screen opening night of the comedy fest at Columbia College Chicago. The feature-length documentary highlights Jesus Trejo’s responsibilities as both a standup comedian and the primary caregiver of his parents.

Trejo comments, “I’m sure we’ve all heard it where it’s like it takes a village to raise a kid, but it’s like it also takes a village to help somebody age gracefully.”

Care to Laugh blends together Trejo’s laugh-out-loud comedy with the struggles and rewards of taking care of one’s aging parents.

In the documentary, star comedians Russell Peters, Eleanor Kerrigan, Owen Smith, Steve Trevino, and Bobby Lee provide insight on Trejo’s talent and the sometimes-harsh reality of life behind a comedian’s punch lines.



AARP, formerly called the American Association of Retired Persons, is a powerful lobbying group and health care organization that fights for the rights and health of senior citizens. Care to Laugh is the first-feature film produced by AARP Studios, an affiliate of AARP.

AARP Studios’ Vice President and Executive Producer Jeffrey Eagle, states, “Filming Jesus’ journey as both a comedian and caregiver let us step into two worlds and explore the struggles and complexities of each. Care to Laugh celebrates family and the power of laughter.”

As Care to Laugh sheds light on the serious topic of senior caregiving at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival, the audience is bound to laugh as hard as it cries.

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