Independent film production update

STANDUP COMIC DARYL MOON wrapped production in early May on his feature directorial debut, the office war satire “The House of Water and Light.” “Nicholas Prigge and I started writing the script around the time that ‘In the Garden of Good and Evil’ came out, and we just knew a movie with a title that pretentious had to be overdone,” Moon said. “It’s a farce on war dramas like ‘The Patriot,’ trying to wring every last bit of sentiment from every scene.” Moon, whose day job is in real estate, self-financed the $20,000 budget through his Disco Moon Productions. Moon is editing himself and hopes to finish in time for the August submission deadline for the Chicago International Film Festival. “Water and Light” stars Michael McKay, Quinn Mander, Angela Davis and Marshall Givens. Camera, Matt Karki and Kai Orion. Titles, Nathan Adloff. Call 515/707.3441or e-mail

“MIX TAPE,” (2003) is the first film by Film Center assistant house manager Jefferson Root. The $15,000 DV feature stars Steven W. Baily, Adrian Casas, and Michael Loeffelhoz as a group of friends obsessed with compiling the titular recordings for their girlfriends. Crew includes DP Cynthia Harrig, editor Matt Thiesen, composer Ryan L. Matheson and production designer Jack Daniel Cozzi. Reach Root at

FIRST-TIME FILMMAKER David M. Larson starts production this July on his self-financed DV dramatic feature “Our Father,” about a young man torn between escaping his abusive father and staying behind to protect his two brothers.

CARL PAOLI’S SHORT “Rain Today,” produced by Kellie Halihan, which shot here last January, premieres June 13 at Dances With Films. E-mail or see

JOSHUA OGG AND NICK SMELOFF shoot their debut feature “Goodnight Princess” on 24P DV weekends in July and August. The film is an ensemble suspense drama about a college student coming to terms with his shady past. Reach Ogg at 312/337-6982 or

? by Ed M. Koziarski,