I-Cubed’s Arturo choreographs images for Abt Electronics’ multi-screen ?windmill’

When it came time for Panasonic’s consumer division to deliver on its agreement to supply new images for its multi-screen Panasonic display at Abt Electronics’ giant appliance store in Glenview, it turned the entire job of creating new images over to I-Cubed’s Arturo Cubacub.

The display ? the only one in the world of its kind ? consists of four 42-inch plasma screens stacked vertically and rotating like a windmill.

Four DVD players run the images into the screens and a center mechanism controls its rotation.

Store designer Bob Taylor designed an archway as a center post behind a 60-foot-high water fountain specifically to showcase the windmill.

“My job was to compose and choreograph the piece while taking into account the rotation of the windmill and how it integrates with its environment,” said Arturo.

ABT wanted pretty, bright scenes to attract attention, but Arturo opted to integrate a story with images of the store and familiar Chicago landmarks.

Arturo sought out HD and SD footage from stock libraries. Scenes include an aerial shot zooming into the skyline from the lake, a Chicago policeman directing traffic, Buckingham Fountain, fireworks and 360-degree shot of a full moon.

Budget was under $100,000.

Panasonic originally designed the windmill for a Consumer Electronics Show display and CEO Robert Abt liked it so much he wanted it for his new store.

I-Cubed’s Mike Matusek did the color correction. Robert Schaffner is Panasonic’s district sales manager for consumer products.

The windmill runs 12 hours a day, seven days a week at Abt Electronics, 1200 N. Milwaukee Ave., Glenview. See www.abtelectronics.com.