I-Cubed Wrangler spots rope in acclaim

I-Cubed garners accolades for these Wrangler jeans commercials.

Risk taking by agency Two by Four gave the now-airing Wrangler commercials their edge and brought them international acclaim. ???

The spots came from small, newcomer agency Two by Four with the comparatively big Wrangler account and were distinctively specialized by I-Cubed’s exclusive film-out system and the unique skip-bleaching process of Atlanta’s Cine Film Lab. ?

For the spots, two professional Western Wear-clad rodeo champs were photographed in 24P and in black & white. The photographer, New York’s Christopher Griffith, moved his camera around the posed cowboys to produce a high-intensity still photo effect.

I-Cubed’s Arturo took Griffith’s raw 24P footage, along with ESPN rodeo footage, and from it creatively edited five 30s. Nothing special so far. But now began the process that made the spots so memorable.??

The edited spots were converted from 24P to film through I-Cubed’s exclusive film-out Celco recorder. Called i3Ci (for I-Cubed chemical intermediate), the process integrates the creative aspects and allows control over skip-bleach intensities from elements captured on any medium. Negatives were developed at Atlanta’s Cine Film Lab, which employed its own skip-bleaching process.

Back at I-Cubed, Arturo refinished by adding titles and effects and colorist Mike Matusek retransferred the film to HD. Music by Asche & Spencer (they scored the Oscar-winning “Monster’s Ball”) of Minneapolis and L.A. The finished product immediately sparked an applause-mixed buzz throughout the adworld. Best of all, says Arturo, “the project came from Chicago and shows what we can do here.”