How to prosper in these amazing new times

If you are spending all of your time, money and energy trying to support your old model, you are not investing proper resources into what form your future model might take.

The old model is toast. It was predicated in a culture of scarcity that no longer exists. Today’s landscape demands an urgent reinvention, a revolution.

Your organization or career’s new iteration will likely be lighter, more diverse and vastly more flexible.

Powerful cheap technology and instant availability of worldwide creative talent has created what Clay Shirky calls a “mass amateurization” of areas that once were guarded by expensive technology and traditional barriers of distribution (that’s the scarcity part).

The sooner you assimilate this vital piece the quicker you will be able to optimize your organization or career in order to prosper in the new paradigm.

What emerges from the market predicated on scarcity is what Thomas Friedman coined as a “Flat World.” This is where potential markets are expanded but competition is also limitless.

The pervasiveness of social media empower individuals and organization with immense choice and opportunity, but it does so equally.

Established and well-funded groups no longer have the advantage. The new prosperity is rooted in a model of cooperation and collaboration and does not require significant investment or brick and mortar.

That’s great news for some, but also a daunting challenge for existing companies with an investment in expensive technology and a payroll of “experts.”

For those groups operating as the old paradigm, they need to put their established reputations to good use by taking a serious look at what is out there.

Expanding new markets, services and talents from the aggregate of amazing talents and knowledge are available through the flat world’s elimination of geographical restraints (which gratefully cuts both ways).