Hootenanny’s tasty addition to Ruby Tuesday campaign

Gorgeous food shots help form a running theme

Gorgeous food shots help form a running theme

Hootenanny and MARC USA recently launched a variety of social additions to an integrated Ruby Tuesday campaign that began with a highly visible spot in 2017.

Featuring 360-degree photos, GIFs, carousel ads, canvas ads, cinemagraphs, Boomerang videos, and static posts, the elements will run on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The range of content within the collection spans multiple categories, but gorgeous food shots and snappy messages form something of a running theme.

Two Facebook videos — “Chicago Steakhouse” and “Say Cheese” — combine mouthwatering burgers, chewing action, and swift regional montages to score tasty points in 20 seconds.





The fully integrated campaign is expected to provide an exponential boost to Ruby Tuesday’s existing popularity. Hootenanny Editor Sean Halvorsen credits MARC USA’s collaborative expertise for much of the success.

“Not only are they a super talented and fun group, but they also treat me and the rest of the team at Hootenanny as creative partners,” he explains. “It’s been really awesome to see our partnership grow, knowing how much trust the agency places in us on both the creative and technical level.”

Sean Halvorsen
Sean Halvorsen

MARC USA officially became Ruby Tuesday’s AOR in the beginning of 2017. Since then, the agency has relied on Hootenanny for a significant amount of work on the brand.

Halvorsen — who works alongside editors Liz Tate, Graham Metzger, and Nikki Vapensky — helped get the campaign rolling when he cut a spot that rode a seven-week TV buy across broadcast and cable channels early last year.

Hootenanny Executive Producer Don Avila and Producer Samm Smith produced the campaign. Finishing and Rotoscope was handled by Hootenanny’s Jim Annerino and Eddie Loera. Nolo Digital Film’s Elliot Rudmann helmed the color correction, and CRC’s Mark Ruff handled sound design and mix.

Ruby Tuesday
   David Skena Chief Marketing Officer
   Angie Heig VP Marketing
   Tom Bowden Marketing, Strategy and Innovation Consultant
   Joel Reynders Director of Culinary

   Jean McLaren — President Chicago Office and CMO
   Stephane Auriol — Account Director
   Renee Sheilds — Assistant Account Executive

   Joe Burke — SVP ECD
   Matt Sullivan — SVP Creative Director
   Toni Caravello — Sr. Copywriter
   Carly Neville — Art Director

   Snake Roth — Executive Producer

BDP / Big Deahl Productions
   Connie Mellors — Executive Producer
   David Deahl — President / Director
   Todd Klein — Director
   Justin Hayward — Director
   Judy Friedman — Producer

   Don Avila — Executive Producer
   Samm Smith — Producer
   Sean Halverson — Editor

   Rose Razal — Producer
   Mark Ruff — Lead Engineer
   Jason Hoban — Asst. Engineer

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RDS Chicago

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