Hootenanny, Burrell help Walmart on Mother’s Day

Walmart’s Mother’s Day campaign

Hootenanny’s Nikki Vappenski helped Walmart set a new standard for Mother’s Day by editing a series of spots set to Bruno Mars’ hit song, “Just the Way You Are.”

Directed by Sasha Levinson and created by Chicago’s Burrell Communications and Houston’s Lopez Negrete Communications, the sixty-second version opens at the moment when a mother greets her toddler in the morning.

A montage follows, and the children appear to grow older in each new scene. Portraying love, pride and devotion, it forms a seamless tribute to motherhood in footage that plays like a dream.

“It’s a celebration of all kinds of moms,” explains Vappenski. “They’re fun, they’re smart, they’re witty and playful.”

According to Burrell VP Creative Director Lisa McConnell, the campaign reflects Walmart’s unique vision.

“During the Mother’s Day timeframe, you’ll find many spots that celebrate mom,” she says. “What makes this spot different is that Walmart acknowledges the genuine, heartwarming, sometimes imperfect moments about mom that make her who she is. They show a diverse group of moms because their shoppers are so diverse.”

Vappenski credits director Sasha Levinson with creating the campaign’s unquestionable credibility during production.

“Sasha has a touch for the natural,” says Vappenski. “She tends to pull out the real in people, which I appreciate.”

The team at Chicago-based Burrell Communications, she continues, was essential to the success.

“They’re just wonderful people to work with,” she says. “They’re fun, they’re smart and they keep it real with a clear focus from start to finish.”

McConnell describes the project with similar enthusiasm.

“We worked diligently to capture very human moments where mom instills manners, acts goofy, denies the truth of needing reading glasses and comes for a visit. Those visuals paired with the perfect song, Just the Way You Are, by Bruno Mars, set this Mother’s Day tribute from Walmart apart from the rest.”