Hollywood makeup artist shares his secrets

HOLLYWOOD MAKEUP ARTIST MAURICE STEIN is helming a Local 476 makeup techniques seminar today through Monday at Essanay Studios, organized by member/makeup artist Helen Marchfield. Stein is best known for doing the makeup for the entire “The Golden Girls” TV series.

The seminar is another in the local’s series of continuing educational classes for members.

WOW! The A-list for Monday’s Sweet Home Illinois party in L.A., produced by Brenda Sexton’s Link Production for Chicagoans in the industry, has grown to stellar proportions.

Attending will be actors Virginia Madisen, Chris O’Donnell, Harry Lennix, Hayes McArthur, Shawn Ryan, Adrian Zmed, Bonnie Hunt, Jeff Perry, Estelle Parsons, Jeremy Piven, Richard Kind, Peter Jacobson, Reiko Aylesworth and Jeff Garlin.

Producers Tom Rosenberg, Bob Teitel, Ted Field, Steven Pearl, Ken Erlich, Albert Berger, Ed Bernero, Effie Brown and Jerry Kupcinet RSVP’d they’d be attending, along with Lee Amato, HBO Films president, Jim Sharp, Fox TV head of development, director Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter Steve Conrad.

WE HEAR ? Ron Lazzeretti may be returning to the spot production side of advertising. He recently departed Draftfcb rafter three years as the agency’s director of broadcast content development.

For many years earlier, Lazzeretti helmed a TV spot production company that also produced an indie feature and many award-winning shorts. More recently, he wrote and developed “The Merry Gentlemen,” starring Michael Keaton, which shot in Chicago in 2007.