The Hideout gives a boost to bands heading to SXSW

A bonanza of bands will play this Saturday, March 14 for nearly 13 non-stop hours at the Hideout’s Annual SXSW Send Off Party for 10 local bands heading to Austin.

The mini music fest starts at 2 p.m. Tab is only $10 for a full day-into-the night of entertainment with proceeds contribution to towards the bands’ travel expenses to Texas. 

2-2:30 p.m.: Jon Langford.  Known here as the Renaissance Man of indie rock, his dedication to both song craft and innovation within the genre shines brightly.


3-3:30: Tom Schraeder.  Dynamite songwriting, reflective lyricism and a gentle vocal touch topped with poignant electric guitar soloing.


4-4:30: Todays Hits.  Below the surface, frontman James Swansberg is a Kentucky boy with deep roots in the Bluegrass ways.  Above, he’s an indie pop guru who writes killin’ love songs about pizza!


5-5:30: The Lemons.  A happy-go-lucky electronic pop group with democratic band mates, sharing all duties vocally and instrumentally in their hip tunes.


6-6:30: Modern Vices.  This is where ‘50s croon meets wet garage rock.


7-7:30: Running.  These rockers are a satisfying sort of mayhem: coarse, unapologetic, straight out of a haunted fun house.


8-8:30: MAMA.  Jamming out rock ‘n’ roll style with your buddies in your parents’ garage, a time warp back to the good ‘ole days.


9-9:30:  My Gold Mask.  Underground electronica, gothic and exotic, with bold female vocals.


10-10:30: Psalm One.  She’s a tour de force in the Chicago scene, and nationwide, too!  Rapping over vintage horn-and-flute soul tracks on their latest album, she couldn’t be cooler.


11-11:30: Sidewalk Chalk.  A headliner rap group that covers all the bases. A truly musical bunch possessing a polished blend of hip-hop, soul and jazz.


12-2:45 a.m. Glass Lux DJ Sets.  Super slick beats, mesmerizingly unique female vocals for a dance party from midnight till 3 a.m. 

At 1345 W. Wabansia. Cash bar. Sponsors are Lagunitas Brewery with their drafts on special; Choose Chicago; Intelligentsia Coffee; SIR Chicago provides the event’s backline and Cushe is giving bands a free pair of new kicks for the road down to Austin.