Havas Chicago/Moen campaign – #UnlockWaterForAll


In a new campaign created by Havas Chicago, #UnlockWaterForAll, Moen is encouraging people to send a letter to Congress at FoodAndWaterAction.org, urging them to issue a national moratorium on water shutoffs during this time. 

In creating the campaign, Havas leaned into the universal human truth that water is a basic right and people with fewer resources are more at risk during the Covid-19 pandemic. To shut off water, is to lock up one of the most important and essential human necessities.

Havas’ idea is to unlock water for all. Recognizing that as many people are directly impacted by this issue, there are likely many people who are unaware of it, the creative is educational and enlightening with the message – “Every home has a faucet, but right now, not every home has water.”

Driving home the message is the visual metaphor of a faucet and sink combined with a lock. The campaign underscores Havas Chicago’s approach of making meaningful content and storytelling that’s based in a simple human truth and brought to life in a clever, artful way.

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The goal? Get as many people as possible to make their voice heard and successfully influence Congress to take the right action in July.

“The challenge was awareness. Many people didn’t know about this issue, so we wanted to come up with a striking image that gets people to stop and think about what it’s like to have your water shutoff. Sometimes visual language speaks louder than words,” said John Norman, Chief Creative Officer, Havas Chicago. “The combined faucet and lock create a powerful, timeless graphic image and visual metaphor of the urgency around water being shut off for people who can’t afford it right now.”

“The spread of the coronavirus has become a health, economic and human tragedy that will only be compounded if people don’t have access to water and are unable to follow the recommended precautions,” said Mark-Hans Richer, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, Fortune Brands Global Plumbing Group. “As a leader in the plumbing industry, we have a great responsibility to drive awareness of this issue, educate the public and demand that our elected officials act in the best interests of our local communities and suspend water shutoffs for the millions of Americans who are currently at risk.”

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