Halperin of Epiphany Pictures is producing film version of Craig Harris’ TV drama “Skin Complex”

Dan Halperin of Epiphany Pictures is producing Craig Harris’ feature adaptation of Harris’ 2003 TV drama “Skin Complex” that garnered five Midwest Emmys, among other awards.

A Chicago native based in Los Angeles, Halperin is shopping “Skin Complex” to studio as well as actor- and director-affiliated production companies.

Wolfgang Bodison (“A Few Good Men”) starred in the TV version of “Skin Complex,” as an African American professor contemplating a revolutionary, irreversible “race change” operation. It aired nationally on WGN and PAX.

“?Skin Complex’ tells a story that works on several levels, as a bit of science fiction and a search for self-discovery,” Harris said. “Stories of inclusion and diversity are often predictable morality plays with stereotypical characters, but I wanted to avoid that by creating intricate characters and storylines.”

Harris has appeared as an actor in films including “Barbershop 2,” “Let’s Go to Prison,” and “The Trouble with Dee Dee.” His voiceover credits include the Mortal Kombat game series. He’s also the co-chair of the Illinois Production Alliance diversity committee.