Grooters, Western Michigan’s biggest production company, expands into state-of-the-art facility

Most Chicagoans think of Michigan cities that curl around Lake Michigan as summer destinations, unaware perhaps that Holland is home to one of the biggest production companies in the Midwest.

Full-service Grooters Productions has become even larger with its recent expansion into a 9,000-sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility in that tidy city’s downtown area.

John Grooters, who founded his company in 2001 in tiny third floor offices above a shoe store, said they’d been looking for the perfect space for a year to accommodate their huge business boom and rapidly increasing staff.

The full-service house has a staff of 20 and specializes in broadcast and non-broadcast video production, music, graphics and layout, and creative solutions for communication and entertainment.

As one of the biggest Christian film companies in America, it’s currently at work on For the Answers in Genesis Museum opening next spring, completing 50 new videos and the major special effects program for the new Museum’s SFX Theater.

“This has been a year-long project with shooting taking place all over the world from England to Mt, Rainer in Washington,” said Carrie Childerston, business development director.

The new facility features a sound stage with drive-in access; ProTools HD recording and sound sweetening studio and a 5,000-disc collection of music and sound effects; an Avid Symphony Nitris system and two Avid on-line Media Composers; 3D Studio Max and Combustion and many graphics programs, and four graphic artist desks.

An engineering room ties it all together with central media storage, digitizing, mastering and duplication capabilities, “with just about every format of tape deck in the industry today,” Childerston noted.

The company owns a Panasonic Varicam.

“We had been looking for the perfect space for about a year. I wanted to stay in Holland and to stay connected with downtown,” said Grooters.

“We loved what interior designer Scott Bosgraaf had done with the renovation of the Baker Furniture building, so we were interested right away. We spent all summer working with Bosgraaf’s team to wire and customize the building for media production.”

Their client list includes Hallmark Television, Guideposts, Zondervan Publishing, and Focus on the Family; many local organizations, including Holland Hospital, Bethany Christian Services, The Holland Group, Quality Edge, and the Holland Downtown Principal Shopping District.

Grooters’ new studio is located at 17 W. 6th St., Holland Michigan 49424; phone, 616/546-4000.