Graphic novel supports Grant’s murder mystery film

A just released 150 page graphic novel is in support of indie filmmaker/graphic novelist Julian Grant’s new feature film, F*ckload Of Scotch Tape.

Made under the Escape Films banner, Grant wrote and directed the musical murder story, with the lead character singing his way through many a crisis.

The main score was provided by Dora-winning artist Kevin Quain and it’s truly the soul of the film.  You gotta hear it and see it to believe it,” Grant says.

The film is based on the work of pulp fiction writer Jedidiah Ayres and utilizes an Impressionistic style. Grant transposed the film in Fumetti (photo-comic) fashion, adding complex digital overlays and graphic techniques to tell the story in comic book terms.

“This is more than just a Photoshop treatment of photographs. I’m dedicated to creating a singular work of art with this graphic novel work and it allowed me elaborate and expand on moments left unspoken in the film,” Grant says.

Carla Englof produced; music by Kevin Quain, based on characters and stories by Jedidiah Ayres. Stars Graham Jenkins, Louie Lawless, Hanny Phelps and Brian Shaw.

McCANN=ERICKSON, NEW YORK called on Calabash Animation for the local company’s first Cocoa Puffs spot for the US market, although Calabash had previously animated Cocoa Puffs for the Hispanic market.  The new CG spot features a cel animated Sonny the CuckooBird, the brand icon. 

The new 30-second CG spot, “Chocolate Island,” features a cel animated Sonny the Cuckoo Bird, the brand icon and his attempt to break his Cocoa Puffs obsession, which leads him to a tropical island only to find temptation from three Tike statue heads and a volcano overflowing with chocolate.

Calabash’s Wayne Brejcha was the CD, Sean Henry, EP, and titles by Eric Meister and Chris Blake. For McCann: CD was Sean Kiener, copywriter, Steve Santo and producer Debra McCracken.

DRAFTFCB PRODUCED Boeing’s Innovation Video Web Series, consisting of 12 two-to-three minute stories. Each story is told by Boeing aerospace team member who recounts how a he helped create a technology that improved passenger safety and environmental conservation.  Eugene Varnado and Kurt Fries were the creatives, Stump Mahoney the music supervisor.

Greg Allen’s Sonixphere created the music and sound tracks, to which electronically-altered instrumental sounds were added for a high-tech flavor and modern sheen to the overal