Good spot production starts fall season

**X-Ray Productions’ Lance Catania shoots/directs a new promotion featuring Ch. 7’s 10 p.m. anchor team, Ron Magers, Kathy Brock, Cheryl Burton, Mark Giangreco and Jerry Taft. “We’re trying to do an up-close-and-personal campaign that provides some personal information about them,” said line producer Noel Olken.

“Did you know, for instance, that Ron Magers owns and races thoroughbreds? We’re filming him at Arlington Park,” reported Olken. “Jerry Taft, who was in the Air Force for 15 years and flew in Vietnam, will be filmed at the Aurora airport.”

Footage from the 6-day shoot will be edited in-house at Ch. 7. Producer is Ch. 7’s promotion director Kari Bartholomew. The spots air in October.

**American Airlines was at O’Hare for a massive four-day shoot ? three days filming the English version and one day on the Hispanic version. Jim Gartner of Gartner Productions, L.A. directed 30 principals and 150 extras each day. Agencies were Temerlin-McClain/Dallas and Lubi/Miami. The spots break in Chicago Sept. 19.