Letter from Full Spectrum founder Eugene Sun Park

Eugene Sun Park

Eugene Sun Park

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production company
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diversity matters

Full Spectrum Features was founded with a simple but bold mission — to completely upend the status quo in the film industry.

Since 2015, we’ve produced fourteen original works, ranging from award-winning features like Signature Move to groundbreaking (and also award-winning!) web series like the T.

We’ve screened at nearly 400 film festivals around the world, as well as dozens of colleges and universities, museums, libraries, and alternative screening spaces.

Most importantly, we produce our films without compromise, championing the voices of filmmakers who’ve traditionally been excluded by Hollywood.

Why does this matter? Visual media culture is a powerful force that shapes our sense of self. When our identities are diminished on screen, it tells us that our place in society is in the margins. It limits our sense of what is possible. At its worst, visual media culture is a destructive force that reinforces stereotypes and impossible ideals.

But when we see stories that reflect a diversity of experiences, it enriches our communities. It inspires new narratives for who we can be. It can literally change how we see the world, ourselves, and each other.

Full Spectrum Features is an ever-evolving experiment in breaking the rules. By some measures, our organization is an ill-advised endeavor in making films the wrong way.

We are a nonprofit. We make films starring women and people of color and queer protagonists. We give first-time directors final cut, and we cast “no name” actors in lead roles.

Like any experiment, Full Spectrum Features might go up in flames. But nothing will change in the media landscape if we continue to do things the way they’ve always been done. As we enter our fourth year as an organization, I invite you to join us as we break some more rules.

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Thank you for believing,

Eugene Sun Park
Founder & Executive Director
Full Spectrum Features NFP