Framestore: Anh Vu goes back to school with Macy’s

(Macy’s newest from Framestore’s Anh Vu)

This school year, it’s not just students and teachers that are coming back to classrooms — it’s smiles, backpacks, long overdue high fives and even pants that aren’t sweatpants. Framestore Pictures Director Anh Vu brings her unique aesthetic to Macy’s once again for its 2021 back to school campaign, encouraging kids and their families to dust off and head back in style after lengthy lockdowns and a disrupted school year.

Joining forces with creative agency Major Behavior, ‘Dust Yourself Off’ acknowledges that everyone could use a bit of polishing off as they reenter their respective classrooms, and harnesses that energy through dynamic color, camera moves and a nod to social videos.

The transition shots between scenes involved extensive pre-planning, seeing Vu work closely with Framestore’s VFX and production teams, referencing numerous social clips from TikTok to Instagram in the hopes of achieving a polished, yet homemade, aesthetic.

A variety of cameras and rigs were used on set to capture the more dynamic moves, while some of the VFX involved working with drone and 360 footage along with the Alexa raw plates to help build out more complex shots. Watch below:

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To date, Vu has contributed to several award-winning campaigns for incredible brands like McDonald’s, Modelo, Volkswagen, JBL, Samsonite and Stand Up To Cancer. Most recently she has worked on spots for Michelin, Silk and Aetna.

Her creative focus that combines compelling stories with stunning visuals is seen clearly here.

The 15-second spots will run on network and cable with a longer form 30-second spot running online and in Macy’s iconic Herald Square store window.


CLIENT: Macy’s

AGENCY: Major Behavior

  • Founder/Creative Director: Ken Erke
  • Executive Producer: Addie Pampalone
  • Writer: Laurenne Sala
  • Art Director: Anthony Alvarez

PRODUCTION: Framestore Pictures

  • Director: Anh VuManaging Director: Jennifer Siegel
  • Head of Production: Anne Vega
  • Line Producer: Brooke Gaston
  • Director of Photography: Tibor Dingelstad

PRODUCTION: Radioactive (Kyiv, Ukraine)

  • Executive Producer: Sasha Bevko 
  • Producer: Tanya Sokolova
  • Production Designer: Zhenia Popovychenko

EDIT: Whitehouse Post

Editor: Alex Hagon

VFX: Framestore

  • Executive Producer: Larissa Berringer
  • VFX Producer: Simon Jensen
  • Creative Director: Aron Hjartarson
  • 2D Lead: Ruairi Twohig
  • 3D Lead: Jordan Carroll
  • Colorist: Simon Bourne

MUSIC SUPERVISION: Premiere Music Group

SOUND DESIGN/MIX: Another Country

  • Sound: Peter Erasmus
  • Audio Assist: Logan Vines
  • Executive Producer: Tim Kon