Fox’ “Prison Break” 13-week series to shoot this summer in Joliet and Chicago

“Prison Break”?the first series scheduled by Fox TV for its 2005-2006 season?means more than three months of production in the Chicago area. The pilot was shot in the Joliet Correctional Center last winter.

The 13-week series is expected to shoot from June through mid-September. It will film at Joliet prison and in Chicago area studio space yet to be determined.

Production offices are scheduled to set up here in May.

Dominic Purcell

The dramatic series is about an engineer who concocts an elaborate plan to free his brother from Death Row. It stars Wentworth Miller (“The Human Stain”) as the engineer and Dominic Purcell (“John Doe”) as his convict brother.

“Prison Break” received a pilot order last fall after spending a year in development and was among the first shows to be cast. The pilot was written by Paul Scheuring (“A Man Apart”).

“Prison Break” will be the first network TV series to film in the area since “What About Joan?” the ABC series that starred Joan Cusack and filmed at Chicago Studio City in 2000-2001.

In 1997 the CBS series “Early Edition” shot here and was followed in 1999?Chicago’s best year for Hollywood movies and TV shows?by network TV series “Turks” and “Cupid.”

“Early Edition” and “Cupid” filmed at Chicago Studio City, where the syndicated “The Untouchables” series filmed for two-and-a-half years.