Fox greenlights ‘Ride-Along’ for a series

IT’S OFFICIAL! The Fox Network has greenlighted four pilots for series to air this fall including Chicago-set “Ride-Along,” that filmed here last winter. It follows a rogue cowboy cop (Jason Clark) and the city’s first female police chief (Jennifer Beals).

It’s too soon for the network to say if the series would be filmed here, but the possibility looks hopeful, the Reel is told.

Other new series you will see bow on Fox this fall are Texas-set drama “Lone Star,” and two sitcoms, “Traffic Light” and “Keep Hope Alive.”

Altogether, the networks and cable outlets commissioned a total of 68 pilots, of which six filmed here.

FOR ALL OF YOU who have asked about working as extras on the two features in town — this one’s for you! John Kinnas, owner of Atmosphere Casting, is looking for “a huge turnout of 1,500 or more extras.”

That’s should be enough good people to fill the United Center seats for a Blackhawks game, which will be a scene in the Vince Vaughn/Ron Howard movie that starts filming here May 25.

The casting call, open to everyone 16 years and older, and will take place May 22 at the Chicago Academy of the Arts, 1010 W. Chicago, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Says Kinnas, “If you’ve got Blackhawks apparel, like jerseys, caps, T-shirts, wear it and we’ll photograph you in your gear.” For more details, see