Foundation’s internet presence expands

With “tons of internet business” flowing in, Foundation Content has hired Ben Poster as director/editor/interactive, who moves after five years as an Arc Worldwide art director.

Poster is the start of what will be Foundation’s internet department. “We wanted someone with expertise and savvy in all the various deliverables in that world,” says Samantha Hart, Foundation president/creative director, “and Ben more than fills the bill.”

Poster, an editor, was “the video guy” when he joined iLeo, Leo Burnett’s Arc Worldwide’s processor company, as a creative content supervisor, a catchall title for duties that included all facets of producing web content.

“I was working on interactive from Day One at iLeo,” he says. “I worked almost exclusively on creating, directing and editing video vignettes for the site, when Burnett had the U.S. Army account. At the time he was one of only iLeo staffers.

A native of Tucson, Arizona, Poster graduated from Oberlin College in 2003 with BA degrees in English and Cinema Studies, the first time the school offered the curriculum. After graduation, “I didn’t want to move to Williamsburg in Brooklyn like others of my generation. I always liked Chicago and there was a girl involved and I wanted to give it a shot.”