Chicago creative Don Pogany launches branded series

Three-time Emmy nominee, Don Pogany, who created some of the most memorable advertising in Chicago as Creative Director at DDB, is prepping an exciting new branded, equestrian-focused webseries called, “The Equestrians.”

Created and produced through his ad agency, Sticky Worldwide and its spin-off production company, The Quest Productions, the eight-episode series explores the special bond between horses, riders and non-riders. It’s all in order to reveal what Pogany dubs, “The Quest” – an internal drive within all of us to seek among other things glory, love, equality and a spiritual connection.

“Horses have a transformational power. They have the power to move us. I believe the series has the opportunity to leverage vastly diverse and fascinating stories of the equestrian world and in turn extend its appeal to a larger audience,” said the creator.

Currently, Pogany has a 250-page script he plans to produce. Each episode focuses on 10-12 different stories in their 45-minute running time. Subject matters cover everything from ownership and care to young riders to equine therapy within the penal system.

“The first four episodes are about our desires and ambitions, and are more extroverted. The last four episodes are about our bonds and compassion, and are more introverted,” he explained. “The lesson of the series is that humans should perhaps be more attuned to our equine friends, who may innately hold the secret to our own survival.”

A New Stable for Brands

Not only does Pogany believe there is an audience ready for “The Equestrians,” he also believes there is a place for multiple luxury and tech brands as well.

Don Pogany

“The equestrian world is a $100 billion industry that employs about 1.5 million people.” Pogany adds that the industry connects to every major business category for sales and ad spending, including auto, fashion and retail, travel, food and beverage, financial services, healthcare and insurance, consumer electronics, packaged goods, media, luxury goods, and real estate.

To the writer, creative director and editor (yes, he cuts the series as well) it’s a natural meeting of entertainment and branding. In one of the episodes, he describes a Manhattan executive who drives to North Salem, New York, on an early Friday evening to meet her trainer or friend for a sunset ride. This type of scenario has the opportunity to showcase auto, saddlery, apparel, cosmetics brands and more.

With the cost of each episode ball-parked at $125K each, his ultimate goal is to have “The Equestrians” be its own ecosystem — a media platform and marketplace, where all of the stories, brands, and people converge and cross-pollinate.

“The series will naturally integrate and feature brands, products, services, events, and professionals that will pay for production. In return, these brands get group buying power and shared production value. We call that approach ‘All Brands Rise’.”

A look at “The Equestrians” website and you’ll see the series already features brands such as MINI, Cavalleria Toscana apparel, and boots from Parlanti Roma and Der Dau, locations such as the Washington International Horse Show, Dressage at Devon, The Royal Horse Show, and the International Gold Cup Races, and some of the world’s top riders, including two-time U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist McLain Ward.

With the equestrian world already attracting advertisers and customers from business categories with the largest digital ad spending, Pogany hopes they are ready to saddle up with Sticky Worldwide and The Quest Productions.

You can view some of “The Equestrians” videos here. Contact Don Pogany by clicking here.

LA-Based Colin Costello writes for film, TV, advertising and of course, Reel Chicago. Follow him on Twitter @colincostello10.