Flashpoint Chicago will close in May 2022 after the spring semester

In a sad turn of events Flashpoint Chicago, located on the campus of Roosevelt University, is closing its doors in May of 2022 after the spring semester.

Flashpoint Chicago began in 2018 as a branch campus of Columbia College Hollywood.

Columbia College Hollywood is a private liberal arts college, originally established in 1953 as a Los Angeles satellite campus of Columbia College Chicago. The curriculum was designed to prepare students for careers in television, radio, and film with courses taught by a faculty of working entertainment media professionals.

Columbia College Hollywood and Flashpoint Chicago president and CEO Bill Smith sent a message Wednesday to faculty and students:

“The Flashpoint Chicago campus of Columbia College Chicago will close in May 2022 after the spring semester… We have been working diligently over the last three years to create a sustainable path forward… that supports the needs of our students and aligns with our mission and strategic objectives,” he wrote.

“Challenges created by the pandemic, including declining enrollment we are unable to overcome… The best option for the future of Columbia College Hollywood is to consolidate at our Los Angeles location. While the Chicago campus will close… the LA campus will remain open and we will continue to offer our online programs,” Smith wrote.

“Providing this information ten months in advance of the campus closing will ensure that we have adequate time to work with each student and identify the best path to completing their education.”

The college offers bachelor’s and associate degrees in film and cinema, recording arts, visual effects, animation, graphic design, digital marketing, and interactive media.

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