First 3D video plays at Auto Show

The first 3D technology to run at any Chicago trade show plays at the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana Chevrolet Dealers Association exhibit at the Chicago Auto Show, now through Feb. 21 at McCormick Place.

A 46-inch JVC GD-463D10 3D LCD HDTV displays a 5-minute loop of 2D spots combined with special 3D content of Blackhawk stars playing hockey against Chevy cars and trucks.

The spots and the video were created by Burback Brothers Animation Group for the Chevy Dealers agency, Mike DeMaio’s Media Nexus.

Ron Norinsky’s Video Replay was brought in to supply the 3D monitor — the first 3D rental monitor available in Chicago, he says.

The first was a traditional 30-second spot in 2D, now airing locally. Featured are Chicago Blackhawks’ Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane “having a little scrimmage,” Tim Burback says, against four photorealistic CGI Chevys: an Equinox, a Traverse, an Impala and Malibu.

During a lightning-fast three-hour shoot, Burback showed Toews and Kane an animatic on his iPhone that the players used to choreograph their faceoff against the cars.

In conjunction with the commercials, Burback Brothers produced a four-and-a-half minute behind-the-scenes video in 3D, “capturing more of the relaxed moments between camera setups,” Burback says.

“It’s sort of a unique vision, standing next to Toews while he bounces the puck on his stick, mixed in with beauty shots of the cars.”