FCB Chicago goes “down there” for Cottonelle

"Vacation" for Cottonelle by FCB Chicago

“Vacation” for Cottonelle by FCB Chicago

A new integrated
campaign addresses
the nether regions
with frank,
informative, and
delightful moxie

FCB Chicago and Cottonelle get to the bottom of a sensitive issue with downtherecare, a new campaign that launched this week.

Highlighting the moments when toilet paper and flushable wipes are consequential to moments that matter, the campaign delivers advertising and PR messages through a variety of media channels, including TV, online display, online video, and social.

Among the downtherecare components is Vacation, a commercial by FCB Chicago that touts the Cottonelle advantage with frank and delightful moxie.



downtherecare is the first creative to market for FCB Chicago since being appointed global AOR for Cottonelle and Kleenex. The campaign overcomes the challenges of category apathy and habitual consumer usage by urging people to treat wiping as an act of conscious self-care.

Along the way, it increases awareness of Cottonelle’s CleaningRipples texture — an innovation with stopping power as compelling as the creative — through data-driven targeting strategies supported with online ad placements, video and static content.

“While consumers ask a lot of their beauty and grooming products, we found they are overlooking toilet paper or flushable wipes as part of a personal care routine,” notes Ken Champa, senior brand manager of Cottonelle. “The downtherecare program urges people to rethink that.”

The substance of the campaign is based on research showing that the average person visits the bathroom five times a day and uses 6.7 toilet paper sheets per visit.

The mood is inspired by reports that the market is open to a more honest conversation around “down there” care products, including Well + Good’s recent article, Big Bush Energy Is Here.

“Why don’t we treat the skin we don’t see like the skin we do?” asks FCB Chicago chief creative officer Liz Taylor. “Beyond creating a campaign, we wanted to share this behavior-changing idea with consumers to transform their relationship with the category, and get them to actually care about what they wipe with down there.”

The campaign’s PR support includes strategic earned media outreach, leveraging A-Lister “downtherecare” expert Jodi Shays and equitable consumer research around “downtherecare” trends and sentiments.

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