Family histories on HD proving to be a good niche business for Ch. 9’s Robert Jordan and SPI-TV

Apart from his WGN Ch. 9 news anchor duties, Robert Jordan has a non-broadcast production business for an exclusive clientele that can afford the cost of big budget videos.

Partnering with SPI-TV Media Group, Jordan’s professionally custom-made Luxury Family Biographies are intended for families interested in chronicling their family story for current and future generations to enjoy.

Budgets range from $60,000-$80,000 for what is essentially a feature-length doc, running from 90 to 200 minutes, notes SPI-tv co-owner Roger Gazga. Each video bio, shot in HD, takes about four months to complete.

Still the costs, steep for a home video but on a par with a professionally produced corporate video, buys a lot, says SPI-tv partner Jim Deemas, starting with in-depth genealogical research conducted by Jordan.