Executive producer Adam Marton take the entreprenurial route with his own AM Films

Since opening his own production company, AM Films, in May, executive producer has been occupied with a steady stream of business from spots, corporate, graphics and development of TV shows.

AM Films is Marton’s first entrepreneurial effort, after almost a dozen years marketing and producing all forms of visual media for big local post/production houses.

He spent a decade with Film & Tape Works where he consistently brought in $2-$3 million worth of annual commercial, TV show production and post business. The last 16 months were spent with Filmworkers Club in the same capacity.

With his background in such a variety of broadcast genres, it was natural for Marton to launch three divisions. AM Films works with traditional agency spot production; AM Broadcast specializes in graphics for TV stations and shows, and AMTV is developing TV shows for advertisers.

Three other broadcast/film experts are working with the new company. Lisa Long was formerly an executive producer with The Whitehouse; director/DP Lance Catania is a former production house partner who has produced independent films, and Neil Weisenberg, formerly an art director for Ch. 2 and Ch. 7.

“AMTV is currently in discussions with two major advertisers about cable TV shows,” Marton says, “that will have a product or service built within the creative, like ?This Old House’.”

Marton is very optimistic about his new company’s growth. “There are so many opportunities right now to bring advertisers effective new ways to reach consumers through new methodology for broadcast and the internet,” he says.

Marton’s phone is 312/213-2324; Email, adam@amfilms.tv. See www.amfilms.tv.