Digital Kitchen brings ‘Westworld’ to Chicago AT&T stores


Fans get
close to the action
in Chicago,
San Francisco, and Boston

“Everything in this world is magic,
except for the magician.”
Dr. Ford

The line uttered by Anthony Hopkins’ Dr. Ford in Westworld’s first season speaks to the power of illusion and belief and the blurred lines between realities within HBO‘s runaway hit sci-fi drama.

Now, those illusions will become realities as Digital Kitchen brings the engaging consumer-driven “The Westworld Experience” to AT&T’s flagship stores in Chicago (600 N. Michigan Avenue), San Francisco, and Boston.

Visitors to the store will immediately know something is different when they enter the door and come face to face with a gigantic structure of the Vitruvian Host – the model for the robot characters on the show. As visitors make their way through the store, they hear the distinctive sounds of music from the series playing from the show’s iconic player piano, which is also a feature in the store.

600 N Michigan Avenue

“With the sights and sounds of Westworld surrounding them, the feeling of being transported to another place, beyond an AT&T store is immediately felt,” notes Don McNeill, CEO of Digital Kitchen. “Our team activates the store dynamics through multiple sensory opportunities to create the ultimate guest experience.”

props-chi (1)

The installation showcases authentic costumes and props and features high-tech elements including an immersive virtual reality experience. In addition, during an event the weekend of June 1-2, customers had the opportunity to experience a real 3-D printer in action, pose for a special photo opportunity and meet a character from the show and its producers.

piano-kiosk (1)

“Our long partnership with HBO has enabled us to capture the bold and engaging elements of Westworld and to translate it into multiple experiences in digital, in store and at events, giving fans a deeper engagement with the show and its characters,” explained Cynthia Biamon, Managing Director of Digital Kitchen LA. “Our goal is to create opportunities where fans can feel that they are part of the of the journey as they delve deeper into this futuristic world.

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