Emotional father and son reunion in Africa

Malachi Leopold of Left Brain, Right Brain Productions and three-man crew departed O’Hare in a snowstorm April 5 to spend a month in Sudan filming the reunion of a Lost Boy of Sudan and his parents after a 22-year separation.

This is Leopold’s second report from Africa, following Kuek Garang’s reunion with his divorced mother in Nairobi, now at Kuek’s father’s village.

The day of Kuek’s homecoming in his native village of Wernyol, in southern Sudan, was one of the most amazing and memorable days of my life, reports Leopold via Email.

We finally arrived in Wernyol, where Kuek’s father, Aleu, is the chief, a position similar to an American mayor. Overcome with emotion when his father approached, Kuek nearly fainted, falling backwards against the Jeep. They embraced and it was unlike anything I have ever seen.