1.34m viewers watch Emmy Rossum depart ‘Shameless’


Well, there was nothing to be ashamed of when it came to Fiona Gallagher leaving her family on the South Side.

In fact, it was rather emotional as Emmy Rossum officially left on an airplane for parts unknown on the Season 9 finale of Showtime’s Shameless.

Rossum announced she was leaving Shameless last year, allowing the rabid fans of the series plenty of time to prep for her exit.

The show which airs at 8 PM Central captured 1.34 million viewers, which according to The Wrap is a 10 percent rise from last week’s episode and up 3 percent from the Season 9 premiere.

“I know you will continue on without me, for now,” the star wrote in a long open letter on Facebook at the time. “There is much more Gallagher story to be told. I will always be rooting for my family. Try not to think of me as gone, just think of me as moving down the block.”

Now, if you also include replays, on-demand viewing and streaming, the finale rose to a total of 2.24 million viewers, which is up 10 percent from last week’s tally.

On a creative note, it was a satisfying exit for Fiona. Far better than killing her off.

After the episode opened with her receiving a check for $100K, Fiona spent most of the next 60 minutes debating with family (and herself) whether it was time for her to leave. When she visited her brother Ian (Cameron Monaghan who is returning) in jail, it was he who emphatically encouraged Fi to leave.

Want a master class in acting? The good-bye scene between Rossum and Emmy/Golden Globe winner William H. Macy who plays the worst dad ever (Sorry Peter Griffin) on TV, was brilliant in its nuances and what wasn’t said.

The exchange was mostly silent with Rossum never allowed to see the pain on Frank’s narcissistic face:

Frank: You did a good job…you stepped in and helped. Thanks.

Fiona: Helped? I did it all, Frank.

Frank: Well, if that helps you sleep better.

Fiona: See you around, Frank.

Watch the tribute to Fiona below:

Shameless was renewed for Season 10 by Showtime in January, with all of the Gallagher family set to return for the next installment — with the exception of Rossum, of course. Production will begin this year.

See you around, Frank.

Source: The Wrap