Editor Dean Gonzales joins Periscope Post & Audio

Dean Gonzales

Dean Gonzales

Periscope Post & Audio has hired Dean Gonzalez as Senior Editor.

Gonzalez, an award-winning editor, brings nearly two decades of industry experience in commercial, music video and feature film editing to Periscope.

Born and raised in Chicago, Gonzalez moved to Los Angeles in ’92 to begin his editing career.

While living in LA, he established himself as a versatile music video editor, working with artists including Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, NAS, LL Cool J, Kid Rock and Nicki Minaj.

Being recognized for his work, Gonzalez joined 30 Seconds to Mars on tour in North America to edit their music video “Closer to the Edge.”

The video’s success prompted the band to invite Gonzales on its European tour the following year and hire him to cut the video for “This is war.”



“I am excited to be joining the team at Periscope,” says Gonazlez. “I have worked on a few projects with them in the past, and they always delivered top quality work. Now to be working with the whole team, I can say we are going to do some great things.”

According to Periscope COO Michael Nehs, Gonzales’ superb talent is exactly what the company needs.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better fit to the Periscope team than Dean,” he explains. “He is one of the most talented editors I have met, let alone worked with, and he brings a new level of talent and excitement to our studio. When I finally got the chance to work with Dean on The tale of Four, I knew I wanted him on our team.”

Besides cutting music videos in LA, Gonzalez’ career includes significant achievements in the advertising, film, and documentary industries.

He edited director John Roecker’s 2015 film about the band Green Day, Heart Like a Hand Grenade; Gabourey Sidibe’s multi-layered 2016 short, The Tale of Four; and Danny Clinch’s concert doc about the 2016 Pearl Jam shows at Wrigley Field, Let’s Play Two.

His commercial clients include Reebok, Nike, Bose, J. Crew, Michelob Ultra, McDonald’s and Kohls.

Most recently, he completed a horror film that is being finished with audio at Periscope.