Kendall Goldberg directs unique Meijer campaign

"Pretty Cool"

“Pretty Cool”

Chicago filmmaker
celebrates the
people who make
the grocery store a
“true family company”
in Distillery Project’s
“Quality Assurance”

Chicago agency The Distillery Project has launched a digital campaign for family-run grocery store Meijer.

Titled Quality’s No Accident, the campaign focuses on the people who work at Meijer and their communities. The documentary style series highlights their motivation for working at the store and their meticulous devotion to detail while showcasing Meijer as a true family company.


Director goes way behind the scenes
Free the Bid Director Kendall Goldberg directed eight pieces of long-form content and has a strong tie to the brand.

"Crunch Time"
“Crunch Time”

“When I was younger, I spent summers hanging around my local Meijer with my friends making films, so this project has a special place in my heart”, she says. “It’s important to convey the narratives of these people in a way that showcases the wholesome, Midwestern and family-focused company we know and love.”

Production spanned six days and three separate rounds of shooting throughout Michigan and Ohio.

Goldberg made her directorial debut in 2018 with her feature, When Jeff Tried to Save the World, starring Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) and Jim O’Heir (Parks and Recreation). She is represented by Strange Loop, commercial + content live action production company headquartered in Chicago.


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Strange Loop’s busy summer
Strange Loop has been busy this summer. Along with five productions for the Distillery Project, they’ve produced the newest round of broadcast BCBS of Kansas spots (Directed by Mark Pallman) and the second spot in a campaign for Quicken Loans Rocket Mortgage, which is scheduled to drop in a few weeks (Directed by Brandon Dermer).

Strange Loop is on the roster with Sarah Gitersonke of SG+Partners.

To view Kendall’s Meijer work, click on this.

Production Credits
Production: Strange Loop Studios
   Director: Kendall Goldberg
   Executive Producer: Luca Valente
   Line Producer: Shane Simmons
   Director of Photography: Nicolas Aguilar, Michael Gauthier
   Location Sound Mixer: Nicholas Price
   Hair & Makeup Artists: Angie Miller, Anne Taylor, Kelley DeCoste
   First Assistant Camera: Eugene Hahm
   Production Assistants: Barbara Dageforde, Crystal Jackson, Holly Crevier, Naomi Wildermuth, Sarah Wierda

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