Director, Mat Fuller joins Seed’s award winning roster


Seed adds Emmy nominated VFX artist, Mat Fuller, to their award-winning directorial roster. Fuller has worked as an on-set Visual Effects Supervisor, a live-action Director, and a Creative Director.  

Following the model Seed established in 2011, each director on the roster has his or her own production company that does direct-to-client work. Mat owns Dark Matter FX. It will continue to attend to his direct-to-client associations, while Seed will seek agency assignments. 

Mat got the attention of Seed’s owner, Roy Skillicorn, during the recent quarantine, by not missing a beat and working remotely, right through it. Mat has been working remotely for the past 5 years, and has amassed a group of high-end CG artists who work with him that same way. 

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“The work, especially the automotive imagery, is creatively competitive with any of the VFX houses that are household names, yet he easily can win assignments due to being way ahead of the curve financially with a low overhead model similar to what I envisioned and nurtured for Seed for the past decade,” states Skillicorn. He adds that with Mat on board, we can also package projects with our other directors both here and at Backyard Productions, where I am CMO/Managing Director.

Some of Mat’s notable commercial work includes spots for Acura, Nissan, Infiniti, Honda, Fiat, Vizio, Jaguar and PIXAR, a company that Skillicorn knows well and one he helped establish back in the 90’s.  

Mat looked for a progressive but experienced company with which to be associated. He relates, “My company has been working in a cloud-based workflow for the past five years. I only work with the best of the best talented individuals that I’ve met during my 20 years in VFX and post-production. Everyone works remotely and we have a proven post-production pipeline. Because of this business model, we can maintain very competitive pricing and we’re already prepared to work in any changing creative environment emerging within the industry. Seed is on the same page and Roy and I hit it off right away.”

Mat started Dark Matter FX in 2015, specializing in CG automotive and live event content for the automotive industry. He also enjoys producing tour content for some of the biggest musical artists in the world. Most recently, he has directed tour content for Nas, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, and Green Day. 

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