Digigog lab opens for data processing

Using the Red camera for commercials came about so quickly in Chicago that editors were caught off-guard as to the complicated processing needs of its large files.

In response, Filmworkers Club launched The Digigog, a dedicated Red lab in its Streeterville premises with new equipment, software and professional expertise.

It seamlessly processes Red and Phantom data files overnight for pickup the next morning.

“The Digigog processing, with advanced technologies from our 15 years of telecine and color expertise, puts clients on a “comfort level,” says Maneula Hung, Filmworkers general manager who also oversees Filmworkers Astrolab.

Last year, Hung recalls receiving perhaps one Red job a month for processing. With the unexpectedly fast increase in the Red’s use for commercials, “now these jobs come in weekly,” says Manuela Hung, Filmworkers general manager, who also oversees Filmworkers/Astro film lab.

Because of the Red camera’s ease of operation, “The feeling was, if you shoot Red, anyone can deal with it. But it wasn’t that easy. There was a gaping hole in the protocol for these new technologies that we found a way to fill,” she states.

After clients drop off a hard drive with their media, The Digigog processes the data and creates dailies for the off-line editor for whatever his needs may be ? DNX, HD, Apple Pro Res or uncompressed media for color correction.

“Clients receive edit-ready files the next morning, so they can concentrate on editing without having to worry about dealing with this data.”

The Digigog incorporated its own proprietary approach “to ensure original files are never compromised,” Hung adds.

With the recent addition of Splice to its Spirit 2K, Filmworkers has the added flexibility to color correct data in a non-linear fashion, re-position the shot and handle alternative color corrections all in real time.

As a result, she says, “The client can see the entire spot the way it will look in the finished edit.

“As the industry changes from videocentric to data-driven workflow, The Digigog is here to assist clients make the transition.”

Filmworkers Lab is located at 232 E. Ohio; phone 664-9333. See