Demo Duck creates tech-friendly Lenovo animation

Demo Duck

Demo Duck created an enjoyable way of demonstrating how “intelligent telemetry leads to informed decisions” in a new spot for the Lenovo ThinkSmart Manager.

ThinkSmart Manager is a real-time status report on the performance and function of corporate meeting room devices like hard drives, monitors, and routers. It offers a visual layout of the technology that seems to confuse everyone in the office except the IT department.

“They told us they wanted something that was going to set them apart and introduce a new kind of visual style and communicate the full visibility that the product offers, especially its ability to help people for a large office from a single, remote location,” says Creative Lead Kelsie Ozamiz. “The elements of everything combined into this concept of the office going from smart to smarter.”

Demo Duck, in its first project for the company, explains the product’s vast potential through an informative and easy-to-follow animation.

The two-minute video features a flowing series of friendly shapes in brightly colored shades of red, green, and blue complementing the voiceover while keeping a main visual on center-screen.

Dynamic grids, graphics, and images accentuate the hardware and database at the heart of ThinkSmart Manager, occasionally flowing and shifting into Kandinsky-esque formations.

Ultimately, the spot declares that, “with Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Manager, you can be the one to take your office from smart to smarter.”

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“The greatest challenge was to speak directly to the people in the audience, who are IT Professionals,” recalls writer Jarrett Hothan. “My team actually visited Lenovo’s headquarters in North Carolina to do some group exercises and brainstorming and learn how they wanted their products represented. We definitely got a lot from that opportunity and we think it shows in the final animation.”



About Demo Duck
Demo Duck is a is a small team of curious people who make video for business. Inspired to understand and identify what makes companies special, they transform the what, the why, and the how into video. The company has spent the past seven years learning about businesses small and large, new and old, local and abroad. Its passion is to create video content that helps clients accomplish anything.

Client: Lenovo
Video Production Agency: Demo Duck
   Creative Lead: Kelsie Ozamiz
   Art Director: Carolyne O’Ryan
   Writer: Jarrett Hothan
   Producer: Katie Williamson
   Design and Animation: Phong Luong
   Original Music and Sound Design: Facundo Capece
   Voiceover: Elysia Rotaru

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