DDB Chicago launches campaign for Pearpop lineup of fictitious products

Pearpop, the highly-awarded Creator Economy startup, has partnered with DDB Chicago to launch “Pearpop Drops” – a campaign featuring a lineup of fictitious products to illustrate the company’s unique power to harness influencers to get the world talking about any brand, even ones that literally don’t exist.

Founded in early 2021, Pearpop has experienced a meteoric rise over the past two years, even as other Creator Economy companies have faltered. Dubbed the “Airbnb of the Creator Economy” by Forbes, Pearpop helps a community of 200,000+ social media creators earn a living doing what they love, while giving brands instant and direct access to collaborate with relevant, authentic, brand-safe creators.

And while Pearpop has become a major player in the Creator Marketing space, trusted by world-class brands including Netflix, Amazon, Chipotle, Beyond Meat, and more, the company sees 2023 as the year to put itself on the map as the de facto leader in the often-cluttered Influencer Marketing space.

Rodrigo Jatene, CCO of DDB Chicago said “If Pearpop can use the power of creators and influencers to make products that don’t even exist famous, then we are proving the point that Pearpop can help marketers of any brand make their real products famous.”

Together with DDB Chicago, Pearpop created a range of pop-culture relevant products and are using Pearpop’s community of influencers to launch them on social media — all at once, on the same day. Products range from Pearpop Energy Drink (“Made with the sweet taste of fame & influence”) to a pear-shaped Bluetooth speaker, to the “Pearpop Deluxe” value menu from the newly-created Pearpop fast-food restaurant chain.

In typical Pearpop fashion, creators ranging from Christian Barnes (@freshchris, 4M followers) to prominent Twitch creator Eva Cudmore (@evacudmore) were brought in to introduce the new products with a wink and a nod. And for those left with any doubt as to whether the products were in fact real, users were brought to the Pearpop Drops landing page, plastered with the unambiguous headline, “Fake Products. Real Results.”

“Pearpop is setting the new standard in creator marketing – giving brands the unprecedented ability to collaborate with creators at scale to drive real and predictable business results. We created Pearpop Drops to prove we can make any brand famous, and now we are already hearing a ton of buzz and interest in the products we’ve created. If we can create this much noise overnight for products that literally don’t exist, I think we’ll chalk that up as a win,” said Alex Morrison, CMO of Pearpop.

The Pearpop Drops campaign launches on April 20 across the TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube platforms globally.


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