Dave Miller’s new web production company launches comedy webisodes Sept. 15

Opening Friday, Sept. 15 at a computer near you is “Assisted Living,” semi-improv comedy webisodes from Dave Miller’s new ViralFilmVideo (VFV), which is deep into producing videos, spots and promos for the web.

“We won’t heavily promote the new series until about five episodes are released,” says producer Miller, who also heads Mindlight Films.

“That way, a visitor can watch more than a couple episodes and hopefully get hooked,” he explains.

The 12 six-minute webisodes are aimed at a young, single demographic, which is represented by lead actors Dustin White and Grace McPhillips, who play likeable and believable twenty-somethings with compatibility issues.

Dustin is an aspiring stand-up comedian, who is literally thrown out of the apartment he shares with girlfriend Grace. He is forced to live with his sister, only to learn that not everyone appreciates his particular brand of humor.

As future webisodes spin out, Dustin makes his way back into the world as he reflects on his life and begins to engage new people and carefully ventures back into the dating world with unexpected results.

After VFV’s first two sponsored series, “Dagwoods” and “Pitchman,” racked up a remarkable five million views, Miller realized he may have found a promising niche for web entertainment.

View the Episode 1 video on YouTube.